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cabbageTOC in Frames

This is an implementation of cabbageTOC with the popup option turned off. The backgound
image option is also turned off. Searching in the content lines is enabled in this example.

When you access nopopupsmhome.html the applet will appear in the left frame.


1. Search is case-insensitive. Complete hierarchy of the content line with the keyword is returned.
(Example: "trust"). Click on the 'Reset' button to begin a new search.

2. Use "PageUp/PageDown" or arrow keys to scroll the contents of the applet vertically. Use "Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+PageDown" keys to reach the top/bottom of the list. Use the "End" key to open all folders. Use "Home" key to close all folders and to reset the applet.

Nalla Senthilnathan