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cuppaTOC is a folder-based tree menu applet that can display a large number of content lines in a compact browser space without the need for scroll bars. Frames-based navigation with the option to specify the targetframe for each content line is supported. The applet reads data from the applet tag .



If you are interested in testing this applet at your site, here is the zip file, (11K). This file can display upto 49 content lines. The registered version of the applet has no limits to the number of content lines.

Data Format

The applet reads data from the value of the applet tag param TOCDATA. Each content line data consists of four semicolon separated fields. Example:

   1; Applet Info; right_frame;cuppatocinfo.html
  1. The first field (1) corresponds to the hierarchy level of the content line with the top level being 1, the next branch level being 2 etc.
  2. The second field (Applet Info) is the content string that appears in the applet.
  3. The third field (right_frame) is the targetframe name for the document corresponding to the content line. The targetframe name can be any user defined name or any one of (_self, _parent, _top, _blank). Specify 0 for the folder line.
  4. The fourth field (cuppatocinfo.html) specifies the URL for the document. The URL can be relative or fully qualified. The URL must be 0 for the folder line.
  5. The data for one content line is separated from that of the other with the separator character '|'.


Nalla Senthilnathan