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cuppaTOC2 Applet Params 

Use the following set of params when the folder and doc item pointers are image icons. When the folder and doc item pointers are graphic symbols, use the params described in the previous page.
<applet code="cuppatoc2_try.class" archive="cuppatoc2_try.jar" width="180" height="300">
If applicable add a codebase option. To estimate the minimum height for the applet use the following formula: 
Let m be the maximum number of tails for a given head. Let n be the number of heads to be displayed for these tails. Then height=(m+n)*fontpointsize*1.5. This formula assumes that all content lines are displayed in one line. 
The archive tag is optional and specifies a zip or jar file containing the class files.
<param name="BGCOLOR" value="ffcc66">
This option specifies a background color for the applet. The value must be an hexadecimal one. Values like "white", "red" etc. must not be used. This param is ignored when the BGIMAGE option is specified.
<param name="BGIMAGE" value="BGIMG.GIF">
This option specifies a background image for the applet. This value is case-sensitive.
<param name="FolderCloseIcon" value="CFOLDER.GIF"> 
<param name="FolderOpenIcon" value="OFOLDER.GIF">
These params specify image icons for the folder item in the closed and open positions, respectively. These values are case-sensitive.
<param name="TEXTCOLOR" value="000000">
This option specifies a color for the content item. The value must be an hexadecimal one. Values like "white", "red" etc. should not be used. 
<param name="HIGHLIGHTCOLOR" value="0000ff">
This option specifies a mouseover highlight color for the content item. The value must be an hexadecimal one. Values like "white", "red" etc. should not be used. 
<param name="FONTPOINTSIZE" value="14">
Specifies a font size for the content item. Both folder and doc items are drawn with the same font size. Suggested values are 12 and 14. Must be an integer.
<param name="FONT1NAME" value="Helvetica"> 
<param name="FONT2NAME" value="Helvetica">
Specifies a font names for the folder and doc items, respectively. Font name must be one of "Helvetica", "TimesRoman", "Courier", "Dialog" or "DialogInput".
<param name="FONT1STYLE" value="bold"> 
<param name="FONT2STYLE" value="plain">
Specifies a font styles for the folder and doc items, respectively. Font style must be one of "plain", "italic", "bold" or "bold-italic".
<param name="SPACING1" value=3>
Controls the vertival spacing between the content items.  Must be an integer.
<param name="SPACING2" value=2>
Specifies the vertival spacing for a content item that is to be displayed in two lines.  Must be an integer.
<param name="TEXTINDENT" value="28">
Specifies a horizontal offset for the content item. This option helps to control the horizontal spacing between the icon and the content item.  Must be an integer.
<param name="AUTHORINFO" value="Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 
Nalla Senthilnathan,">
Do not delete or edit this param. This is just an acknowledgement.
<param name="TOCDATA" value=" 
1;Applet Info; right_frame;cuppatoc2info.html;DOCICON.GIF| 
1;Chapter 1; 0;0;0| 
 2;Introduction; right_frame;c1introdoc.html;DOCICON.GIF| 
 2;Section 1.1; 0;0;0| 
  3;Section 1.1.1; 0;0;0| 
 2;Section 1.2; 0;0;0| 
  3;Section 1.2.1; 0;0;0| 
1;Chapter 2; 0;0;0| 
 2;Introduction; right_frame;c2introdoc.html;DOCICON.GIF| 
 2;Section 2.1;0;0;0| 
  3;Section 2.1.1; right_frame;s211doc.html;DOCICON.GIF| 
  3;Section 2.1.2; right_frame;s212doc.html;DOCICON.GIF| 
1;Site Index; _top;../index.html;DOCICON.GIF">
This param specifies the data for the applet. Each content item is specified by five fields separated by a semicolon. 
  • The first field is a number and it refers to the hierarchy level of the tree. The top-level content item gets the number 1. The tail gets a number that is one greater than its head. 
  • The second field is the content item string. Use a comma to display the content item in two lines.
  • The third field refers to the targetframe name. The targetframe name can be any user-defined name or one of "_top", "_blank", "_self" or "_parent". Specify a 0 (zero) for the folder item.
  • The fourth field refers to the URL for the document. This can be either relative or fully qualified. For example, this value can be specified as test.html, ../test.html, or http://<domain>/test.html. Specify a 0 (zero) for the folder item.
  • The fifth field corresponds to the image icon for the document. Specify a 0 (zero) for the folder item.
Each content item is separated from the other with '|' character. The indentations shown above is just to illustrate the tree hierarchy.
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