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This applet enables browsing a set of images in a nonlinear order using a tree-menu. The contents of the menu can be searched. The images can be hyperlinked. The applet reads data from a text file.



  1. The applet is based on JDK 1.0.2. If you are using Netscape Navigator and if you do not see the applet then you might want to check out this page.
  2. Use single-click to open/close folders and to access the folder contents. Please note that when a folder is opened only the contents of that folder and the "head" of the folder are displayed. This feature enables browsing a large collection of images in a compact space.
  3. When one of the "doc"s in a folder is picked from the menu, all other docs in that folder can be browsed linearly using the right/left arrow keys.
  4. Use the "End" key on the keyboard to open all folders. Use the "Page Up/Down" keys or the up/down arrow keys to scroll the menu. Use "Ctrl+Page Up/Down" to reach the top/bottom of the menu list. Use the "Home" key to close all the folders.
  5. The contents of the menu can be searched. The search is case-insensitive. Ex: "luxury". Please note that the search function returns all the content lines containing the key plus the corresponding folder hierarchy.
  6. Single-click on the displayed image to access more info on the image. The target frame for the hyperlinked document can be specified through the applet param TARGETFRAME.
  7. Optionally the search feature can be disabled by setting the value of the applet param KEEPBUTTONS to "no".
  8. The applet also has applet params to modify the font size, color and style.



If you would like to test-drive this applet here is the
zip file (26K). These files can display 39 images. If you get an "IllegalStateException" error when testing the applet locally using NC4 try deleting all cache and typing the URL (say, file:///C:/test_gcgen4/gcgen4.html) in the location window instead of double-clicking on gcgen4.html.

Data File Format:

The indentations in the text file are optional and are shown to illustrate the hierarchy. Each item in the tree-menu corresponds to a pair of lines in the text file like:

        2 : "Economy Models" : "img1.gif"
where the first line has three "fields" separated by the character ':'. The first field specifies the tree hierarchy number, 1 for the top-level, 2 for the next branch etc. The second field in doulbe quotes ("Economy Models") is the item's title and the third field ("img1.gif") is the corresponding image file name. This image file name can also be a fully qualified URL. Specify a zero-length string ("") as image file name for folder items.

The second line has two fields and specifies a URL for the corresponding document. Specify a zero-length string ("") as the document URL for folder items.

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Nalla Senthilnathan