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This applet generates a Gantt chart based on the data provided in a text file. The applet enables organizing projects and sub-projects into folders for easy browsing. The applet has a search function that facilitates filtering and viewing only the projects of interest to the user. The applet also has a hotlink feature that enables accessing the team leader's or the team member's pages.


If you are interested in testing the applet locally, here is the zip file (16K). These files can display upto 999 project with 4 tails for any given head. If you get an "IllegalStateException" error when testing the applet locally using NC4 try typing the URL (say, file:///C:/test_gcgen4/gcgen4.html) in the location window instead of double-clicking on gcgen4.html. The registered version of the applet can display any number of heads and tails.
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Nalla Senthilnathan