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This applet generates a Gantt chart based on the data provided in the applet tag CHARTDATA. The applet enables organizing projects and sub-projects into folders for easy browsing. The applet has a search function that facilitates filtering and viewing all the projects assigned to a team member or all the team members assigned to a given project. The applet also has a hotlink feature that enables accessing the team leader's or the team member's pages.


If you are interested in testing the applet locally, here is the zip file (16K). These files can display upto 999 project with 4 tails for any given head.
A Note for Netscape Users:
  1. Unzip the archive, say to a local directory "C:\test".
  2. Access the browser from the desktop icon.
  3. Enter "file:///C:/test/gcgen5.html"

CHARTDATA param value

A typical CHARTDATA param value looks like:

  1;ProjectFolder 1;Aug 19 1999  to Feb 6 2000;empldb0.html|
   2;Project 1.1;Nov 27 1999  to Feb 6 2000;empldb1.html|
  1;ProjectFolder 2;Aug 19 1999  to Feb 6 2000;empldb0.html|
   2;Project 2.1;Nov 27 1999  to Feb 6 2000;empldb1.html
where we have two folders with one project each. The project lines are separated by the vertical slash character, '|'. Each project line has 4 fields separated by the semicolon character, ';'. The first field refers to the hierarchy level of the project line (1 being the highest and each subsequent branch incremented by 1). The second field is either the folder name or the project name. The third field refers to the duration of the project. The fourth field is the URL for the corresponding project/folder doc. Specify 0 if there is no associated URL. The indentations in the data lines are optional.


Nalla Senthilnathan