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Our second example for the applet is an imaginary software product. The data for this example is read from this text file. The usage messages for the applet are displayed as part of the applet and read from this message file. This example illustrates image animation/translation, audio loop and the ability to specify mouseClick and mouseOver events. Since this applet uses audio loop you have to turn your computer's speakers on.


To handle a bug in IE3.0

Data File Format

Here is a section of the data file that illustrates the image and audio loop.
The LOOP line indicates that display test6.gif, test7.gif and test8.gif in an animated sequence at the launching coordinates (96,45) when the rectangular region (97,23; 180,45) of the parent image (test1.gif) is clicked. The second field of the loop line(300) corresponds to the frame rate for the animation. Higher the number slower is the animation. The audio file ( is optional. Set it to a zero-length string when an audio loop is not needed.
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Nalla Senthilnathan