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This example illustrates the use of the applet to generate the datafile. Here instead of the message lines the mouse coordinates are displayed. This is achieved by setting the value of the applet param MOUSECOORDS to "yes". The data for this example is:
      nn:main1.gif:16:18:15:234:40:260:mouseClick:"todo list"
Click on the red button to launch main1.gif. It is now easy to see how the rectangular region (15,234;40,260) for the red button on main.gif and the "launching coordinates" (16,18) for main1.gif are arrived at. The data file can similarly be extended for the consecutive images. After the datafile is fully generated, the MOUSECOORDS param value is set to "no". The applet will then function as a "player". GO.

To handle a bug in IE3.0

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Nalla Senthilnathan