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This applet generates a searchable, hyperlinked organizational chart based on the data provided in the applet tag CHARTDATA.





To handle a bug in IE3.0

To handle a bug in IE3.0

If you would like to test the applet locally, here is the zip file with all the files: (23K). You can display 300 boxes with these files. This demo version displays the author name in the first box. The registered version has no limits to the number of boxes.
  1. Unzip the archive, say to a local directory "C:\test".
  2. Access the browser from the desktop icon.
  3. Enter "file:///C:/test/ocgen7.html"

CHARTDATA param value

 A typical CHARTDATA param value woud look like:

1;Name 1;Position 1;0;0;ffcc66;empldb0.html|
 2;Name 1.1;Position 1.1;0;0;dbdb70;empldb1.html
where each line corresponds to data for one box in the chart. One box data is separated from the other using the "vertical slash " character '|'. Each box data itself consists of seven fields separated by the semicolon character ';'. The indentations are optional. The meaning of each field is explained in the following table:
Name 1
Position 1
This field refers to the hierarchy level. The top level being 1 and the next branch level being 2 etc. First string in the box.  Second string in the box. Third string. Specify 0 if a third string is not required. Fourth string. Specify 0 if a fourth string not required. Fill color code for the box.  URL for the box. This can be either relative or fully qualified. Specify 0 if URL not available.
Other Applet params
BGCOLOR Background color for the applet, hex code.
TEXTCOLOR The color for the fonts, box outline and connecting lines, hex code.
BASEX, BASEY These pixel coordinates determine where the first box is displayed.
BOXWIDH, BOXHEIGHT Specifies the width and height of the boxes in pixels.
BOXHSPACE, BOXVSPACE Horizontal and vertical spacing between the boxes in pixels.
STRINGSPACE Spacing between the strings drawn inside the box in pixels.
HIGHLIGHTCOLOR Mouseover highlighting color for the fonts and box outline, hex code.
FILLCOLORBOX "yes" or "no". Value "yes" will make use of all the color codes specified in all the datalines  in CHARTDATA param.
TARGETFRAME This can be a user-defined name or any one of the JDK defined keywords (_self, _parent, _blank, _top)


Nalla Senthilnathan