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Here is a demo of the applet where the chart data is generated dynamically from the server. This example illustrates the use of a new param SQL_OUTPUT_DATA. The value of this param is set to "yes". The ASP code used for this example is given here. The data is extracted from an Access database table called orgtable with the following data:
1 0 'Senthilnathan' 'Nalla' 'President and CEO'
2 1 'Morocco' 'Doug' 'Sales asia Pacifc'
3 1 'Mandarin' 'Tom' 'sales Americas'
4 1 'Bucharest' 'Mike' 'Sales australia'
5 2 'Last52' 'First52' 'Title52'
6 2 'Last62' 'First62' 'Title62'
7 4 'Last74' 'First74' 'Title74'
The dynamically generated chartdata param can be seen here. The data format is explained here.
To handle a bug in IE3.0

To handle a bug in IE3.0

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