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This applet generates a searchable table of contents based on the data provided in a text file. Multi-level folders, and frames-based navigation with the option to specify the target-frame for each content line are supported.



 If you are interested in testing the applet locally, here is a zip file (~21K) that has all the files used in the examples mentioned above. These files can be used to test upto 999 content lines with upto 4 tails per head. The registered version has no limit to the number of content lines.

The text file stocgen3_try.txt contains two kinds of lines:

  1. Lines that start with ids like n, nn etc are the content lines. The first field of this line is the id, second field is the content string and the third string is the name of the target-frame to load the page. Note that the top-level folder has an id "n", first sub-folder has an id "nn", second sub-folder has an id "nnn" etc.
  2. Lines that start with "url". This line specifies the url of the page for the content line that precedes this line. Specify a zero-length string for the folder lines with one or more tails.
  3. The order in which the lines appear in stocgen3_try.txt corresponds to the applet with all the folders in open mode.

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