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An enhanced Guestbook is just one of the tools you get with GeoPlus!
An enhanced Guestbook is just one of the tools you get with GeoPlus!

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This is a searchable Table of Contents JavaTM applet. Multi-level folders, and frames-based navigation with the option to specify the target-frame for each content line are supported. The applet does not need images and is based on JDK 1.0.2. A demo of this applet to navigate this site is at the left frame of this page.

The applet generates the TOC based on the data provided in a text file.

Please refer to searchableTOCGenerator3 for a revised version of this applet.



If you are interested in testing searchableTOC at your site, here are the various files:
stocgen.txt, stocgen_try.class, stocgen_tryLine.class, stocgeninfo.html, stocgenhome.html and stocgen.html.

You'll be able to test upto 100 content lines with these files. The file stocgen.txt contains three kinds of lines:

  1. Lines that start with ids like n1a1, n2a1 etc are the content lines. The first field of this line is the id, second field is the content string and the third string is the name of the target-frame to load the page.
  2. Lines that start with "url". This line specifies the url of the page for the content line that precedes this line. Specify a zero-length string for the folder lines with one or more tails.
  3. Lines that start with "L". These lines specify the layout lines with the second field denoting the head and the rest of the fields refer to the tails.
The order in which the content lines appear in stocgen.txt corresponds to the applet with all the folders in open mode.

An older version of this applet can be accessed here.

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