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This applet generates interactive, animated and audio enabled product demos based a set of hierarchically organized images. The data for the applet is provided in a text file. Two imaginary products, a hardware and a software are chosen to illustrate the capabilities of the applet.



To handle a bug in IE3.0

Testing Locally

If you are interested in test-driving this applet here is the zip file (32K). This file can display 20 images. The registered version has no limit to the number of images.

Data File Format

A typical segment of the data file looks like:
         nn:main1.gif:16:18:15:234:40:260:mouseClick:"todo list"
The indentations are optional. The header fields n and nn in the two lines indicate that nn is a child of n. The second line says that display "main1.gif" at (16,18) when the the rectangular region (15,234; 40,260) of the parent image (main.gif) is clicked. The "todo list" in the second line says that display the "#todo list" section of the message file (orgmsg.txt) when main1.gif is displayed.

The applet can also be used to build the data text when the MOUSECOORDS param value is set to "yes". A demo of this feature is here.

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Nalla Senthilnathan